feral designs possesses the knowledge and experience required to implement any project large or small from concept development to fabrication. We have a highly talented crew that is skilled at working with a variety of mediums, means and methods of professional manufacturing. 

feral designs can provide estimated services, scheduling, constructibility reviews, value engineering, architectural models and drawings to our clients. We specialize in project consultation and logistical support including design, engineering, fabrication, premising, heaving equipment plans and installation for all of our one-of-a-kind projects. Because our training and project experiences are so diverse, we are able to apply innovative solutions from other project and fabrication types as well as alternative construction methods to solve problems that may arise. Our design team is pro client, trained and certified in the latest architectural and structural applications.


feral designs installations can aesthetically enhance any environment by bringing new life to businesses, projects and properties.  Our installations not only generate beauty, they increase sales and property value on the location and surrounding areas as well as have been known to create a media buzz.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your business, private property or make an addition to your personal art collection, the FERAL DESIGN team brings varied experience and specialization in both commercial and residential applications. We collaborate with our clients to build custom one-of-a-kind pieces large or small for both residence and vacation homes. Some of our commercial installations have included projects that have toured globally, while others involve the artist working directly with the client to come up with their own unique custom design.


feral designs specializes in handling art transportation utilizing a myriad of equipment to safely handle both large and small art transportation domestically and Internationally.   

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